28 March 2012

DAP’s credibility in question as Tan Kok Wai gave one-sided story

DAP’s credibility in question as Tan Kok Wai gave one-sided story

DAP Disciplinary Committee chairman Tan Kok Wai offered only a one-sided when he claimed that the assault against Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Ir Wee Ka Siong was made up. Demanding that Dr Wee apologise to Malaysians, Pakatan Rakyat, 325 assembly supporters and Dong Zong shows DAP’s “childish joke”.

Can Tan claim to have the power to speak on behalf of all the quarters mentioned above? Are all Malaysians, the Chinese community, Pakatan Rakyat, Dong Zong controlled by Tan?

When I read this piece of news, I was really surprised at Tan’s childish sense of humour which does not make sense. He is teaching nonsense to cover-up the failure of DAP to help Chinese schools, and thus manufactures a new topic to shift attention away from their inability. This shows DAP and Tan have run out of ideas.

Tan gives people the impression that things can stand, jump, come to a conclusion solely dependent on his preferences and standards within the party as he has presided over several DAP Discipline Committee cases. Although he said he will investigate the report, even DAP’s own party leaders and colleagues have questioned his decisions. From the number of decisions overturned, the repeated doubts and criticisms show that Tan is a leader without credibility!

As the chairman of the DAP Disciplinary Committee, Tan only listens to one side of the story and passes judgement. This is his usual style. During the 325 protest, Tan only chose to hear the version provided by the Selangor CPO Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah and not Dr Wee’s. He then proceeded to demand that the Deputy Education Minister apologise to all Malaysians, Pakatan Rakyat, 325 assembly supporters and Dong Zong.

Evidence of attack launched at Dr Wee

Proof is available from photos published in both Chinese newspapers and online news portals which show a man wearing a yellow shirt stretching out his arm, and the police blocking his arm. The photos do show that a man did launch an attack on Dr Wee. It is not a matter of whether Dr Wee was hit or not. The fact remains that Dr Wee was attacked.

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) secretary-general Stanley Yong Yew Wei has also come forward mentioning that a man in a yellow shirt had with his right hand stretched out showed the 'thumbs down' sign, and it was at that time, that his thumb touched Wee's cheek. Yong also said the police also blocked the man's arm, pushing him to step backward, but in less than 10 seconds, he charged at Dr Wee and scolded Dr Wee again. Thus, to claim that there was no attack against Dr Wee is not true.

Questionable rulings by DAP Disciplinary Committee led by Tan Kok Wai

In Penang, the godfather-warlord spat between DAP Chairman Karpal Singh and DAP Deputy Secretary General Dr Ramasamy resulted with the DAP Disiplinary Committee ruling that Dr Ramasamy did not commit any disciplinary wrongdoing despite complaints lodged against him. Dissatisfied with the verdict, Karpal Singh disputed the legitimacy of the hearing.

When Selangor DAP exco Ronnie Liu’s letterheads were misused to issue support letters, no action was taken against him, but his former aide and Klang councillor Tee Boon Hock was sacked from DAP. Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Chin did not hide his dissatisfaction against the discipline panel’s ruling when he tweeted "OMG! the Real culprit is freed.”

From the disciplinary cases listed above, Tan has lost his credibility. He does not have the ability to carry out the duties of vice chairman and head of DAP’s Disciplinary Committee.

Senator Chew Lian Keng, JP
MCA Youth Federal Territory Chairman

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